160 View Round Convex Safety Mirrors

Round Convex

Convex Mirror

  • Blind Corners
  • Aisles and Corridors
  • Showroom and Store Surveillance
  • Driveways and Parking Garage
  • Best all Around View
  • Accident Prevention
  • Store Theft Prevention
  • Traffic Mirrors
  • The most popular mirror for the Price.
  • Mirrored Lens Available in Shatter Proof Acrylic, Scratch Resistant Acrylic, Unbreakable Polycarbonate, Stainless Steel or Glass 
  • Inside or Outside Use models
  • Available Backing: No-Back, Hardboard, Wheather Resistant Hardback, ABS, Steel and Stainless Steel
  • Fully assembled with mounting bracket



If you need help with the terms (like "Hard Backed") or if you need more information to decide which mirror may work in your situation, look through links on the RIGHT. A good start would be "FAQS".


STEP 1: Narrow your options by first deciding where the mirror will be located and select from one of the first three(3) areas.

  For example if the mirror is to be located inside where it will not be getting wet, then select the first option "1" Inside Use Only. Note: All of the mirrors reflect to same image and therefore function the same. Where the mirror is to be located will determine the size and type of mounting and backing needed. For example; Inside use mirrors are generally less expensive than mirrors made to be outside, however, Outside mirrors can be used indoors but Inside mirrors will not last long outdoors.

  If you are looking for a specialty mirror such as the Convex Mirror on a portable pedestal stand, select from the options 4 through 9 which will take you directly to those items.


1) Inside Use Only
  The INSIDE USE mirrors are typically less expensive. They should be placed in areas where they will remain dry and not be subject to wind or being hit. If your mirror is to be used inside, then this is where to look first. Remember, to size the mirror estimate one inch of mirror diameter for every foot away from the mirror the person looking at the mirror is standing.



2) Inside or ( MILD WEATHER ) Outside Use
  Mild Weather mirrors are made for occasional wet conditions and will stand up to mild wind. These mirrors can go outside or inside where they may be subject to occasional rain or high humidity but not windy conditions or abusive conditions. NOTE: The plastic backed mirrors have very good tolerance to wet conditions but do not like constant UV from direct sunlight. If there will be long periods of sunlight shinning directly on the back of the mirror, then consider the "Coated Hardboard" backing.



3) Outside Use - WEATHERPROOF 
  Outside Use mirrors are made to be outside or at a location where a strong mirror back is preferred. The Steel backs offer an stronger back plate for the attached mount. They are also sealed to prevent water from causing damage to the lens. A stronger back increases resistance to movement due to wind. We can not warrantee wind damage, however the steel back will hold up much better to wind than the hardboard backs. These mirrors can go outside for driveways, parking lots, corners of buildings ..etc. There are several backing and mounting configurations with a variety of lens (the mirror) types.


  Round Stainless Steel Convex Mirrors are made from #304 polished Stainless Steel. There is an inside version with a hardboard back and an outside version with a stainless steel back. Stainless steel mirrors can be used anywhere an acrylic or Glass mirror may be used. Stainless Steel can not be broken however it can be dented. The Stainless Steel mirrors are most often used in the food packing industry, amusement parks and construction sites.


5) Hi-Visibility Convex Mirrors - Red and White Hi-Contrast Trim
  The High Visibility Mirrors are the same as the acrylic mirrors only having a RED and WHITE rubber rim around the mirror. If you want the mirror to be noticed, then consider the High Visibility mirror.


6) Portable Acrylic Convex Mirror With Pedestal Stand
  The Pedestal Stand Mirror is a round convex mirror attached to the top of a adjustable height pedestal stand. These mirrors are used in Auto Shops to see areas close to a car which can not be seem while sitting in the driver's seat. e.g.; The front tire alignment with the track while driving onto an alignment rack... Because you can easily move the mirror, it can be stored out of the way while not in use, or placed in a location where there is no place to attach a permanent mirror.


7) Portable Clip-on Convex Mirror
  The Portable clip-on mirror only comes with a universal clip-on mount. The mirror is an 8" diameter size. The long adjustable neck allows it to be positioned at many angles. Ideal for seeing behind you while working at your desk, may be used in your vehicle as a temporary mirror to see watch the back seat area while driving or to monitor Class Room activities while your are facing away from the students. Includes Convex Mirror, Flexible arm and Clip-on Mounting Bracket.


8) Extra Wide Angle (200 degree +) View - Mounts Flat Against a Wall
  The wide angle mirror has a 170 degree view area. It is commonly used where you need a wide angle view but not the extreme distortion seen in the Dome mirrors. Ideal for seeing items on the bottom rack of shopping carts. Used in Store Check-out isles to see the area below the counter. The wide angle mirror Can be used in office waiting rooms so the receptionist can see areas directly to the left and right of the window. The mirror is placed on a wall directly across from the reception window. Also to monitor Class Room activities while your back is turned.


  The lens only is exactly that, a mirrored lens. There is no mount or back, just a mirrored lens. We offer the lens for persons wanting to frame the mirror or to be used in a craft or in an artistic creation.