SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE. Estimated Shipping is around $1.00 to $15.00 for most items. We will only charge what it costs to ship. To order, call 770-642-2104 (or email and specify the item you want to order. Please provide a phone number where you can be reached. If available, it will be placed on reserve and we will provide you with a total cost with shipping. Check, Money Order or Credit Card ONLY (No Purchase Orders). Additional items will be added as they become available. Items placed on reserved  will be removed when shipped. Credit Card payments will ship the same day. If payment is made by Check or Money Order and not received within two weeks, the reserved item(s) will be returned to an available status. If sending a check, please provide your name and a valid phone number. If a payment is received for an item which is no longer available we will contact you before we return your payment. These items are ONLY available for shipping within the USA. No items will be shipped outside the US. This page is being updated often so if you have viewed the page previously you may need to "Reload" the page to see the most current additions. To "Reload" the page in "Mozilla" select "VIEW" at the toolbar then "RELOAD". In IE select the Refresh button (It has two green arrows, one pointing up and the other pointing down.) Older versions of IE has the "REFRESH" in the "VIEW" pull-down similar to Mozilla. 

ALL ITEMS are as-is with a NO RETURN policy.
General Items: Most items are new and still packed in their original box unless otherwise stated. Each Item has been removed from the box inspected then repacked. Most are new and flawless condition. When a flaw is found, it is be noted in the description. All items are discounted so we can free-up space needed for other projects. 
TWO Way Mirrors: The two way acrylic mirror thickness, length and width will be noted. If there is a flaw or anything you may need to know about the piece, it will also be noted. Periodically we end up with a quantity of odd sizes that exceed the area designated to safely store those items. In order to quickly reduce that inventory we are placing those items on the clearance page with a discount. Many callers have requested these odd sizes and this provides a way for those persons to get a great deal and help us to free up needed space.  
One of a kind item: Any item listed in this area is exactly as it states. It may have been an item that we made for a project with one or more remaining. We often make more than requested just in case of a problem. Other times we made something intending for it to be a future product. Regardless of how it came to be, it is not part of our standard line of products and we need fee up the space.  


General Items:
CI-RSA1830 - 18" x 30" Glass Mirror with Stainless Steel, Solid Welded corners frame. Flush Snap-in Wall Mount New Item - Inspected and re-packed 1 $ 64.00 Plus Shipping $ 80.55
CI-RSA1830 - 18" x 30" Glass Mirror with Stainless Steel, Solid Welded corners frame. Flush Snap-in Wall Mount New Condition - The glass was broken when it arrived so we replaced the glass mirror and inspected the frame. 0 NA NA
1/8" TWO WAY MIRROR - To order, call 770-642-2104 and specify the size.    
SIZE Condition  Available Quantity Price EA  PENDING SALE RESERVED QTY 
1/4" Two Way Acrylic Mirror
1/8" Acrylic Mirrors (NOT 2-WAY)
One of a kind item:
CI-PED-26 - 26" Round Acrylic Convex Mirror with a pedestal stand This item is New but one-of-a kind. Customer ordered two but later changed to one.    1 $ 119.00 Plus Shipping $ 140.86