TO Order:

NOTE: If the order quantity is 5 or more and you need a quote, please read section "E

A: A general description of the types of mirrors we provide. Select a category from the menu on the right.
      Dome Mirrors - Round (Like a Ball). For Corners, Ceilings and Hallways
      Convex Mirrors - Circular and Rectangular Shaped Mirrors, Convex Acrylic and Glass
      Flat - Flat Acrylic, Glass or Polished Steel Framed in Stainless Steel
      Fork Lift - Rear View and Side View Mirrors for Fork Lifts, Tractors etc.
      Inspection - Under Vehicle Inspection Mirrors 
      Golf Mirrors - Used as a Training Tool to Improve Your Swing and Follow Through
      Accessories - Extension Mounting Brackets and other Miscellaneous items.
B: To order - Select the item and click on the ORDER button to the right of that item. A box will appear to the right of your screen showing the item you have selected. If you are ordering more than one item, change the quantity and press enter. The price per item will automatically change to the quantity pricing discount, depending on the quantity ordered.
The item will be added to your shopping cart. By default, the items in your Shopping cart "Your Basket" will be displayed. You can hide the screen by clicking the "-" to close it. The items you ordered will be retained for 30 minutes and you can continue to add items. Changing the item quantity to ZERO will remove that item from your Basket. When you are ready to checkout, click on the picture of the cash register or RIGHT BUTTON

D: Submit The Order:

Follow the instructions to calculate shipping.

Enter the "Ship To" information and the "Bill To" information. Note: A BILL will not be sent to the "Bill To" location. It is only used to verify the credit card information. If the billing Name, Address City, State and Zip do not match the billing address for the credit card holder, the order may NOT be processed. 

Select the Shipping Method then enter the Credit Card information. Up to this point, if you back out of the screen, the order will not be processed. Only after you have submitted the Credit Card Information, will the order be processed. 

You will receive an Order Confirmation via email. Please print and retain the confirmation for your records.


E: ORDER VIA FAX, please use the Order Form.   

        ORDER FORM  (Credit card payments or Checks only). 

     For QUOTES: Please Print the QUOTE FORM 

     Include the "ship to" and contact information along with the items and quantities then fax to 770-642-8246. We cannot calculate shipping without the destination City and Zip Code. Export shipments may take two days due to shipping calculations.

     For PO's call Reflection Products Sales at 770-642-2104. We will need your companies information and credit application in order to set you up as a customer so If you have a standard form already filled out, please fax it to us in order to save time. Unless you are planning to make multiple purchases, please consider using a credit card.     


  • Extra-large mirrors are only available for order by fax, mail, or phone.

  • Larger sizes and some specialty items are not listed on the web site. 

  • All mirrors may be ordered via fax, mail, or phone.

  • Volume discounts are available.

  • Call 770-642-2104 for special pricing or to set up a business account.