Drop-in Ceiling Grid Domes, Mirrored, see-through or Smoked Finish
Drop ceiling mirrored dome

MIRRORED Drop-In Domes

  • One Piece Construction
  • Replaces a Drop-in Ceiling Tile
  • Full or See-through Mirror Options
  • Only Available in Acrylic
  • Painted White or Mirrored Flange options (Flat Area Around the Dome). The painted option has a white flange to Closely Match a standard Ceiling Tile.

Smoked Finish "SM"

  • Used to Cover or hide a Camera

Drop-in Dome with a see-through mirrored finish

  • Looks like a mirror while allowing a camera to see through the mirrored finish.
  • When Mounting a Camera, a 2' x 2' Piece of Pressboard is Recommended to hold the Camera and Act as a Backlight Shield.
  • Fits directly into the ceiling grid.


  • Monitor Office Areas
  • See Around Corners of Intersecting Hallways
  • General Surveillance and safety

WHITE FLANGE - 2x2 Panel Mirrored Drop-in Domes - ***These items are no longer available.***

WHITE FLANGE - See-Thru Drop-in Dome Mirrors for a Camera - ***These items are no longer available.***

MIRRORED FLANGE - 2x2 Panel Mirrored Drop-in Domes.

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MIRRORED FLANGE - See-Thru Drop-in Dome Mirrors for a Camera. ***These items are no longer available.***

1 piece Smoked Dome to cover or hide a Camera - fits into a 2x2 tile grid - white flange ***These items are no longer available.***

General information regarding the Dome See-through Mirrors. The backlight panel and camera mounting hardware are not included with the drop-in transparent mirrored domes. A 23 13/16 x 23 13/16 inch hardboard panel works very well as a plate to attach the camera and to block any light coming from above the ceiling. In areas where the room is very bright and/or a light source is close to the dome, or the dome is located near an outside window, there may be enough light to penetrate the mirror and reflect off the camera. This will cause the camera to see a faint reflection of itself. Installations which could potentially have enough light to penetrate the dome mirror should allow for testing. If this is a concern, a light block should be fabricated from flat black card stock (or paper) to block the excess light coming through the dome mirror. Only the area in front of the lens should be open to allow the light to reach the camera. Currently Reflection Products does not offer a light blocker for this situation. While this issue is uncommon, it has been reported to us and we feel it is important to provide this information to you. CLICK HERE FOR HELP CHOOSING THE BEST SIZE AND STYLE