Portable Acrylic Convex Mirror With Pedestal Stand
Portable Pedestal Mounted Convex Mirrors.
  • Used for auto shops to see areas around the car while driving onto lifts etc.
  • Portable mirror when you have a temporary need for a convex mirror .
  • Shatterproof Acrylic Mirror Lens .
  • 18" and 26" diameter mirrors available.


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The Pedestal Stand Convex Mirror have a heavy three point base with an adjustable height post. These mirrors are often used in auto repair shops to help mechanics see equipment and other obstacles that are difficult to see when driving the vehicle in and out of the repair bay area. Other uses are to check turn signal and break lights without relying on the assistance from co-workers. Because they are portable, they can be moved out of the way while not in use.
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SA-PED-18 18"
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SA-PED-26 26"
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