Reflection Products, Inc. is a supplier of over 160 different styles of mirrors offering the complete line of Brossard All-VU and Klear-Vu products. We carry mirrors for safety, surveillance, office security, public washrooms, forklifts, schools, homes, garages, driveways, and roads. Our prices are low because we continue to keep overhead down and pass the savings on to the customer. 
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Dome Mirrors:     (1/4 Dome)  (1/2 Dome)  (Full Dome)  (Drop-in Ceiling Dome) (Camera Dome)

  • Use for office personnel traffic in intersecting hallways, entrance ways, and store aisles. 
  • (90, 180, and 360 field of view). 
  • Choose from  wall or ceiling  mount, or mounted to a 2'x2' drop-in ceiling tile replacement.
Round Convex Mirror:    (Order and Pricing)
  • The most popular Convex Mirror and the most versatile.
  • 160 field of view. Get a better view of your surroundings. The round convex mirror works well in banks, stores, parking garages or parking lots, warehouses, truck delivery docks, entrance areas to restaurants, offices, clinics etc.
  • Put one in the garage to see behind your vehicle and reduce the risk of running over a bicycle or even a pet. 
  • Used at shipping docks so tractor-trailer drivers can see overhead clearance and areas directly behind the trailer. 
  • Reduce the risk of parking accidents. In your garage the mirrors can be used to see areas in front of or beside your vehicle helping you to avoid work benches, lawn mowers, or even maneuver out of a tight spot.
  • Around the home they work well for seeing blind areas around the house or garage without having to leave the security of your home. Placed at the end of a driveway they can provide visibility around a curve, hill or other obstruction normally preventing you from seeing on-coming traffic.
  • Use a round convex mirror to see tight areas around your boat or camper when backing in or pulling it out of a storage area. These mirrors work very well when they are portable. (Post in a water or sand-filled umbrella base.) Used this way they can be stored out of the way or re-used in another location.
Roundtangular:     (Order and Pricing)
  • The Roundtangular or Rectangle Mirror functions the same as the round mirror, but it has a more aesthetic shape. The top and bottom is cropped for mounting in spaces where a round mirror would not fit. Many customers just prefer the look of the roundtangular mirror over the round. The uses are similar to the round convex mirror.
Flat Mirrors:            (Order and Pricing)
  • Flat mirrors are made for industrial and public area use. They are framed in stainless steel and can be purchased with self-locking flush mounts or the standard swivel bracket seen on the round and roundtangular mirrors. 
  • Flat mirrors are available in acrylic, glass, or polished steel.
  • The flush mount mirrors are designed for factory washrooms or public areas where you do not want the mirror removed. We recommend the shatterproof acrylic or polished steel for safety. They are very difficult to break!
  • Two-way mirrors are available on special order. Used to observe areas where the customer, or whomever you are observing, can not easily tell if they are being observed. We only offer 1/8" acrylic and do not recommend going larger than 12 square feet. After that you should consider glass because 1/8" acrylic begins to flex.
  • Flat acrylic mirrors are made from 1/4" thick Mirror-grade acrylic and are available in special order sizes up to 4 X 8 feet. If you do not need the steel frame and are doing your own mounting, this is the way to go. We charge by the square foot acrylic mirror sizes. (You must call the sales office at 770-642-2104 when ordering custom sizes.)
Inspection:         (Order and Pricing)
  • An Inspection mirror is a 12-inch or 8-inch round, flat, or convex mirror mounted on a handle. 
  • Used to look under and around vehicles, luggage carts, tractors, trucks, and machinery and equipment. Primarily used at airport, military, boarder check points, and auto garages (for easy exhaust or oil leak detection).
  • 12" Inspection mirrors have three options, flat or convex lens, a flashlight mounted on the handle, and/or wheels for rolling around under vehicles. The aluminum handle is adjustable and the mirror angle is adjustable. The removable light-weight Flashlight has a thick rubber coated housing to minimize the chance of being broken if dropped. The wheels, mirror and handle can be disassembled for storage or transport. You can also remove the wheels and use the mirror as a hand-held unit. 
  • 12" Ergonomic Handle Hand-Held Inspection Mirror - The 12" convex mirror is also available in flat or convex shapes. You can special order the 9" diameter mirror by calling the sales office however the standard size is 12". There is also a light option which is the same as the above 12" IM. There is NO WHEEL OPTION. The ergonomic designed handle is made to be held with the elbow rest used to minimize the stress of holding the mirror. A picture is worth a thousand words so please view the picture of this mirror on the "Order and Pricing" page. 
  • 8" Inspection Mirror - The 8" hand-held inspection mirror (R-080IM) has a glass convex mirror mounted on a fixed length tube steel handle. It is a light unit and can be used in the same way that the 12" unit is used.
  • Overhead Truck Inspection Mirror - The truck inspection mirror was designed to easily look on the top of truck trailers without using a ladder. The handle is adjustable from 4 1/2 to 13 1/2 feet. The 12" Mirror can be a convex (wide-angle) lens or a flat (true-image) lens. A mirror protection cover is provided for the mirror for storage. The Truck Inspection Mirror ships in two boxes. One box for the mirror and mirror cover and one for the handle. Shipping in two boxes actually reduces the shipping cost.  
Camera domes:   (Smoked Drop-in Domes)  (Hanging Sphere Pendent Domes
  • Smoked domes are used to house (or not) cameras. 
  • There are ceiling 2'x2' tile replacement domes and "pendant" smoked spheres made to hang from the ceiling on a pipe or steel conduit. Used in areas with exposed ceilings (most commercial warehouses and building supply stores)
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